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Ridgeway Primary Academy

Ridgeway Primary Academy

Safeguarding & E-Safety

The safety of our pupils both in and out of the classroom is of utmost importance to us and this extends to the virtual world online. In today’s ever evolving world of technology it is essential that we, as a school, offer support and guidance to pupils, educating them about the risks and dangers that are present on the internet.

Greater access to technology at school and at home brings us fantastic opportunities and choice but this also exposes us to the risks. We have created this page to provide parents with some useful links to access advice, so that you can also play a pivotal role in keeping your child safe online. 

If you have any concerns please get in touch. This page will be updated regularly and if you have any suggestions for any other useful links to share with parents please let us know.


The information on this page is here to help parents support their children at home.

Talking PANTS with your children

‘Talk PANTS’ is a simple way for parents to help keep children safe from sexual abuse – without using scary words or even mentioning sex.  The guide uses the rules of PANTS to teach children that their body belongs to them and them alone.  You can find out more and download the free resources at

Childline Under 12’s Website

Childline also have a website with age appropriate advice for primary school children on topics such as bullying.  It also has games and other interactive tools. Your child can visit it at

If you’d like to know more about the NSPCC’s work, or take a look at the wide range of information and advice which is available for parents and carers, please visit their website