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Ridgeway Primary Academy

Ridgeway Primary Academy

House Teams

We have 4 House Teams at Ridgeway Primary Academy and children will be allocated to one of these when they join us:

  • Sir David Attenborough (Best know as a naturalist, champion for wildlife and his work highlighting the devastation caused by global warming) - Blue
  • Katherine Johnson (Best known as a NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory to get Apollo 11 safely to the moon and back) - Green
  • Alan Turing (Best known for his work as a computer scientist and cracking the enigma code during WW2) - Red
  • Marie Curie (Best know for her research into radioactivity and treatments for cancer) - Yellow

Pupils are rewarded points in recognition of great behaviour, kindness, sports performance as well as classroom work. Our Year 6 Team Captains lead and encourage their team members, and there is an annual cup awarded for the team with the highest points total.