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Ridgeway Primary Academy

Ridgeway Primary Academy

Forest School

The Forest School story so far...

Mrs Addison spent three months trying to find out who owned the woodland! She then met with the land owner and acquired permission to use the land for Forest School sessions.  She then had to learn how to build shelters and camp fires and how to run a Forest School. It took a long time to finish the assignments and write all the policies, procedures and to finish the Leaders' Handbook.

It was then time to clear the site!  A new gate was installed so that the children can safely get in and out of the Forest School site.  Mr and Mrs Addison cleared all of the rubbish from the site and pulled out 33 rusty metal poles from the ground.  Mr and Mrs Gambles cut through the remaining 70 metal poles with an angle grinder!!! Bolt croppers just weren’t strong enough!  A new fence is due to be installed across the pond area and the boundary fence will be updated to repair any damage.

It has been a long journey but we are nearly there.  Some Reception children will be taken up to the site this term to begin Forest School sessions.

Check back to see photos of the Forest School sessions!