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Year 5 Technology Challenge - Friday 26th May

Year 5 Technology Challenge @ Welland Park Community College


On the last Friday of half term, the whole of Year 5 decamped to Welland Park Community College for an activity day.

We were posed three challenges.

Could we – in 90 minutes – create a Mario Kart style computer game?

Could we – in 90 minutes – create an acrylic art bookmark?

Could we – in 90 minutes – explore acids, examine density and use a microscope to explore cell structure?


Of course the answer was yes. But the children had to work had to achieve success in all three disciplines. They were a credit to the year group and listened well all day. It was an excellent taster to their future education and one which I know they all enjoyed. Many thanks to WPC for welcoming us, and to all the adults who accompanied the group on the day.


Mr Thompson

Learn Academies Trust