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Blog - Day One

Day 1.


The children have had a fantastic first day at Beaumanor Hall.

Having been introduced to Richard, our lead instructor, on arrival, we quickly began getting to know the grounds through our treasure map activity. Fortunately, no one managed to get lost!

Lunch seemed to be upon us quickly, and the children demolished their pack ups, without leaving any scraps behind.

Bridge building challenged the children to use team work and new lashing techniques to build a structure which would get all of their team across the stream safely. All 5 bridges were successful, and didn’t collapse. Unfortunately, some children did get a little wet!!

Everyone enjoyed their first evening meal, and finished off by singing Sophie Happy Birthday!

The Murder Mystery gave the children the chance to test their detective capabilities. Only by finding all of the clues, and piecing together the evidence, would they be able to find out who committed the murder. Most detective teams were able to identify the murderer, however, no one could correctly name the murder weapon. Was it the garden fork or the hedge shears??

After a tasty hot chocolate, the children were all quietly tucked up in bed by a reasonable hour! Phew!!!


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