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Dear Parents


As Head teacher of Ridgeway Primary Academy it is my pleasure to welcome you to our web-site. For parents of children already at school, the web-site provides the opportunity for you to find more out about the school. For parents who are looking to find the right school for your child it will give you an insight into life at Ridgeway.


Our school aims are headed “Enjoyment in Learning” and this is embedded in all that we do. Primary education is much more than literacy and numeracy. These two subjects are of course essential and it is important that every child achieves their full potential in these areas. Primary education is about building upon the enthusiasm and excitement that all young children have. It is about encouraging them in those areas in which they have strengths and helping them to uncover unknown talents in other curriculum areas. To this end we ensure that the curriculum is broad and that a well-balanced curriculum provides exciting opportunities.


We also provide a wide-range of extra-curricular activities that will give your child an opportunity to enjoy a range of sports, musical activities, dance, drama and a variety of other activities.


We aim to provide a school environment where children learn in a secure, disciplined and caring environment. We also believe that developing a strong partnership between home and school will help your child to progress.


We have a highly committed staff who work hard to create a working environment where achievement is celebrated at all levels. Our Governing Body is keen to ensure that the school achieves to the best of its ability.


For those of you who are looking to choose a school for your child, I recommend that you come to visit the school and find out for yourself all that Ridgeway has to offer.


Mr Fox


Head Teacher



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