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Science Experiments - Hot and Cold

On Wednesday we had a visit from Mrs Green and Mrs Quinsee of the Ogden Trust. The Ogden Trust provide support to schools to encourage understanding and enjoyment of science, particularly physics.


They brought with them dry ice (carbon dioxide) and an infrared camera to demonstrate the extremes of temperature.


Mrs Quinsee used the infrared camera to show children how heat transfers to other materials, particularly when the children took off their shoes and left hot footprints behind in the carpet. One of the children put their hand on a dictionary, and the children could see how the heat from the hand had transferred to the pages of the book. An exciting investigation used a genuine tile from a Russian space ship. One side of the tile was heated to over 150 degrees centrigrade and Mrs Quinsee could demonstrate how the other side of the tile remained cool.


During the cold investigation, Mrs Green put some dry ice out on the tables for the children to touch. They noticed that it floated about the table like an air hockey puck. After that, she put cups of water on the tables and poured in the dry ice. The children noticed how the ice turned into a gas and flowed out of the cups. The children were very excited when Mrs Green poured boiling water onto a tray of dry ice and noticed how it floated down to the ground and out towards the door. Mrs Green discussed temperature with the children and also looked at how carbon dioxide could be used in fire safety by demonstrating how the gas could be used to put out tealights.


It was an exciting morning, full of awe and wonder and the children got a lot out of the experience.


Mrs Raine

Science Coordinator

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