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Market Harborough Collaborative Trust

Most of the Market Harborough schools and academies are working together as part of a collaborative trust. The Trust aims to ensure that all primary age pupils in Market Harborough are receiving a good or better education.  A group of Heads and Governors meets termly to evaluate the quality of the work being done in 3 key areas:

 School to School Support – Headteachers and teachers are working together to share judgements and develop good practice e.g.

Lesson Study within and between schools allow teachers to investigate the most effective ways of teaching.
Joint observations between Heads
Joint work scrutinies
Shared staff meetings that share the best practice within the trust

Curriculum Development – shared opportunities are being provided for children from all of the schools/ academies e.g.

Learning Detectives – empowering children to share examples of good learning between schools.
Able Writers – termly opportunity for our best writers to learn from a professional

Data analysis/ Sharing priorities  - a termly analysis of data across the trust will identify the best progress and attainment and enable schools/ academies to share best practice


The trust also has a part time Business Manager (0.1 f.t.e.) who is developing procurement opportunities on behalf of the trust.

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