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Chess Club Y2-6 (Lunchtime)


Why come to chess club?

5 reasons to play this 15,000-year-old game of strategy and logic:

Chess improves concentration and memory

Playing chess significantly improves children’s visual memory, attention span, and spatial-reasoning ability.

Chess improves maths and reading skills

With its focus on problem solving, it’s not surprising that chess can improve children’s maths skills. However, numerous studies show that chess improves reading skills as well, perhaps because the cognitive processes for both are

similar - requiring decoding, thinking, comprehension and analysis.

Chess fosters logic, critical thinking and creativity

Working out possible moves requires logic and critical thinking, but chess also trains the mind to play with possibilities, which is why it boosts creativity most dramatically in one specific area - originality.

Chess encourages and rewards hard work

Chess offers immediate feedback. If you lose your focus you can lose a piece.

If you practise and study the strategies, you’ll win more games.

Chess is good fun - The best reason of all!


When:  Tuesdays from January (Spring Term)

Where: 43T

Time:  12.30pm - 1.10pm

Price:  Small single charge of £2.50

Club Leader:  Mr Fox




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